Fluted Mill Pins for Pin Mills

Fluted mill pins can be used in existing pin mills instead of the customary round pins. Instead of the circular cross-section, the extension from the disc of this type of pin is fluted lengthwise.


  • Finer material to be ground (smaller particle size)
  • Impact crushing combined with crack effect

Mode of action

  • The surface and thus the area of contact for the particles is greater. The particles bounce against the pins more often and more effectively thus increasing the efficiency factor of the mill.
  • The fluting in the pins generates greater turbulence than could be achieved by round pins. This increases the effectiveness of the crushing operation as the impacting of the particles on one another also causes them to be crushed.
  • Particles that bounce near the edge of the pin are deflected by round pins at only a flat angle whereas with fluted pins they land on the toothing. There they are crushed and tossed back at an acute angle.
  • In addition to the impact crushing there is also an added affect: The fluted surface causes the particles to be cracked on impact. This cracking effect is particularly effective with materials that are only slightly brittle and may require cooling.

Application Examples

  • All material to be ground that requires fine grinding, e. g. fine spice powder.
  • Excellent grinding results  during cryogenic milling, i. e. with viscoplastic products that require embrittling with liquid nitrogen, e.g. plastics and elastomers.