Hardened Tooth Lamellas

We were faced with the following problem:

In a variety of mills the toothed washers, toothed segments and grinding rings could not be hardened effectively enough because of their size and the danger of breakage. The sharpness of the teeth deteriorated rapidly leading to a reduction in grinding efficiency and in the fineness of the product. Re-sharpening the teeth is expensive and time consuming, and it is no longer possible to guarantee the dimensional accuracy.

The solution to this problem is the use of our
patented hardened tooth lamellas:

Each tooth consists of one lamella, whose edges are hardened and ground until they are razor-sharp. In order to balance the radius for the parts with rotational symmetry, there is a diagonal spacer lamella between every two tooth lamellas. Because they are braced in pairs and therefore not in danger of breaking, the tooth lamellas can be manufactured from wear-resistant hardened tool steel. This preserves the sharp edge of the tooth lamella for a very long time. If the tooth lamellas are worn out after a long period of use (1-2 years are quite common depending on the product) they can be sent to us to be replaced. The spacer lamellas can be re-used.